Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Just thought to make a quick Hello and wish you all a
Very Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It´s the most Wonderfull Time OF THE YEAR!!!

Or not? personally for me it is, I love Christmas, The warm feeling, the presents, the cold weather, the presents, the yummi food, the presents, the Carols, the present, Decorating... Santa Clauss... Oh Yes I admit it, I TOTTALY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Everything about it, I love...
Today hopefully I will be getting my Christmas Tree, Yupiiii, I thinking about a really wide one, but I guess it depends on the price...
Out there are some really cool things to decorate, check this out:
I know Crate&Barrel it´s really expesive nut they have some really original and gourgeos ornaments, I totally love this Banana Bark Safari Animal Ornaments, I can picture a whole tree decorated kind of etnic, in white, bronze and etnic stuff. (did I mention, they are really expensive :-()

But my best news today is that I ordered my new DSLR Nikon D70s (US$ 800) that my DH is giving me for christmas, can you believe this man, he´s pampering me allright. Look at it, I can´t wait to have it in my hands!!!!

Well, gotta run... Talk to you again soon, ahhh and I promise I´ll have a new LO then.

Monday, November 06, 2006

!!! I´m Back

Hello!!! How was your halloween and your weekend, mine was very nice but also went very fast... buhu buhu... I´ve trying to study my photoshop... but ther´s so much to learn and so little time, Andres is the kind of boy that enjoys mostly outdoors activities, so we don´t get to stay home very long during the weekend, he wants to go out... anywhere but out of the house. Even so I can say that I got some work done this weekend and I have a few new LO...

Credits can be seen Here

Credits can be seen Here

Credits can be seen Here

I really loved the halloween kit by Iron Orchid Desings, it was my favorite above all and there were some really nice kit out there, but this one was so cute, and the pictures of my niece Isabel just seemed perfet to scrap with it.
Ahh and the firts two LO are part of the work I´m doing as a CT for Jen Reed, I have to try and do another LO, maybe this week.

I can´t believe it´s almost December, phiu!! the year went by so fast, I really need to start planning my christmas decorations already, I guess it will be in two week that I can buy and decorate my tree, I just love to put my natural tree every year, the smell and look of it its uncomparable.

I allready got some shopping done in the Digital Scrapbooking deparment for my chritsmas LO, and is this really beatiful Kit by Sara Carling that it´s called Share in the Season, and all the profits will go to a great cause that is to help Asher and his family in their fight with cancer (Asher is a small boy who will turn 4 in january and was diagnosed with brain tumor early this year), this good cause makes this kit so meaninful and isn´t that any way what the holidays are about!!!

Share in the Season can be found Here

Well with that said...I´ve got to go, Andres and I are both getting a cold, I´m figthing hard, cause he´s so miserable when he is ill, I just can´t stand it. I was reading a little bit of Asher Story in their blog, and my heart has shrinked, Please make a prayer for Asher so he will get better.

Well, know Good Night