Thursday, September 28, 2006

Busy Bad Blogger

Ok I must admit I´ve been a really bad blogger, but I,ve been so so very busy... First of all Andres started preschool last week, and the fact that for at least the first 3 week me or my DH have to go with him and stay with him until he adapts takes a lot of our time... So I,ve having to stay a work also a little longer in the afternoon. But it´s all worth it, doesn´t he look cute whit his apron. He´s been adapting so so... but I understand because hé has allways been at home, so this is such a new experience for him.

We have had also a lot of social encouters... last weekend was the first of the baby shower saga for mi cousin Nathy, i was one of the hostess, so there went my weekend. The next baby shower is in my house so i have lots to plan forward. I have some really cute ideas, but all of them are time consuming, and some of them money consuming... well I´m just trying to balance everything the best I can...

Soooo please wish me Luck!!!

Now my youger sister Florencia is leaving this saturday for France where she plans to study french for a year, so yesterday was a goodbye party for her... Another late nigth and could´n do any scrapping either... So anyway... She´s a really smart and beautiful girl, so I know to my heart that she will make the most of this opportunity; but I can help to feel a little scared cause she´s so young...only 18.
I made a LO for her, but is in my other computer, I´ll upload it later. For now just a small photo of My mom (6 o´clock), My sister Florencia (3 o´clock), My cousin Nathy (12 o´clock) and me (I´m the one with the green necklace).

Well gotta go.... I´m starting my spanish blog this week and please if you visit be so kind to leave a small comment.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Little Time

It´s tuesday, and the traffic wasn´t so bad this morning, I went to the beauty parlor really early to get my hair blowed Dried before comming to work (thats very common here in Venezuela, I probabbly go 2 or 3 times a week). When I was parking I was a little distracted and bumped into the column that divided the parking space, dawm!! (I chipped the paint in the bumper of my car).

So it wasn´t the best way to start a day, but what a heck!!! Yesterday nigth I went to a parents meeting at Andres Pre-School; he will be going to his first day of school on friday... I´m so nervous about it, but also kind of excited, I know he is really going to enjoy going to school. The uniform is so nice cause the sell the t-shirts with the school logo and have like 15 different colors, I got carried away a bougth almost one of each color. Then my sketch is from Andres when he was 6 months old, I guess last nigth I felt kind of sad that my baby grew so fast (sad in a good sense), probably the rigth word is melancholic.

Anyway, I will be posting later in the week the pictures of his first day at school, since we have to be with him the first 3 week or so, until he get used to being in this new place, I,ve thougt I´ll be making a special album for him and his friends and their first days away from home at school.

Credits for my LO
Papers and Elements from Whimsy and Style by Sarah Batdorf
and Angie Briggs; Wire Alpha from Safari by ShelleyRae

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday, Monday...

So it was a really nice weekend at the beach, I didn´t do my homework as escpected... I didn´t take all the pictures I should have, but now it´s to late to regret, what done it´s done.
Yesterday nigth I tried to do a LO for one of digiscrapdivas challenges, but it didn´t turned out the way I wanted it so I´m not posting it yet.

But I will post some of the pictures (very few) that I took this weekend, Andres had the best of times, he really enjoyed the pool at the house we rented and loved going to beach, at the end of the day I was afraid we were going to disolute of being for so long under water. Also Andres got to like the sand a little bit, we haven´t taken him much to the beach so he feels strange and doesn´t like to have his feet dirty, it was so funny cause at first he didn´t even wanted to put his feet on the sand, eventually he got the hang of it, and enjoyed very much.

Today it started raining at 6 am in the morning... so the trafic to get to work was crazy... what a way to start the week.

Andres will start scholl on monday... let´s see how that goes.

Have a nice start of the week!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I think I´m addicted

Well it´s finally friday, I´m so tired, staying up late every nigth cause I want to learn Photoshop and make at least one LO. Yesterday nigth I participated at SBB Party with Arty... It really was fun, I´m impressed that everybody knows the name to all the other people.... and there are lots of people, lots and lots...

Anyway yerterday I went to my baby school to finish the inscription process, I can´t believe my baby will start attending kinder Garden next week... Time flyes by, I´m kind of nervous, hope he addapts well.

Well be going to the beach this weekend, hope to take lots of great pictures so I can work in some LO next week...

Well I have to get back to work, but here is the LO i did last nigth...

Papers and Elements from Shabby Princess Two Soon Kit
Overlays are from Daniela Peuss Jump into Fall Kit

Well Have a nice weekend

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I was so excited that I forgot to give proper credit for the designers in my LO... Here it goes...

Autumn Celebration Papers by Alana Carrot
Fall Alpha; Overlay and Ribbon by Shabby Princess
A Flower in Bloom Stich by Charlene Runge
Bello Colore Element by Jenny

Starting One Fine Day

Today I´m starting this... It´s only been 2 week since I started digiscrapping, and now I´m addicted to the whole thing... I used to go to ber early around 10 pm, now I´m on the computer till 2 o 3 am...
All because I want to do LO, and I want to learn to use Photoshop CS2 very well (so I do tutorials, lots of tutorials), and I want to participate in crops and challenges, and I want to look for freebies and download, and to organice the whole thing in my computer... wow It´s been a lot of work but I´m enjoying so much..

Here It´s one of my first LO, hope you like it...