Sunday, May 09, 2010

Beach Baby Shower

So about a month ago I hosted a beach Baby Shower for my cousin Adriana and her soon to be born Baby Clementina... She is a beach girl, so she wanted a beach baby shower... here I leave you with a few pictures of the dessert table and some of the details...

 I think I´m obsessed with the mini desserts.... I want to do them for any family gathering... someone asked for the Tres Leches recipe... So I´m doing a detailed blog entrance on how to make it... it´s really easy... all the little sweets are really easy.

And since I waited so long to post this pictures... Clementina is here with us now... so here is a picture of the new baby!!!!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone... motherhood is the most wonderful thing that can happen to us women!!

I´ve Been Featured!!!

I´m so honored!!! I can´t believe I was featured at The Creative Party Place!!! A wonderful site to get ideas for any kind of Party. Thank you so much Shannon... go check it out!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Andres 5th Birthday (Mario Bros Party)

The party was so fun, I was exhausted  the next day but I think it was well worth it... We started really early in the morning because I wanted lots of balloons to make the place really nice (1600 balloons actually) this first picture was while getting everything ready.

Some friends that rent party theme decoration for the table had the Mario Bros Theme.... and it was gorgeous, so I went with that for the Cake table... Off course lots of balloons here too, to make it really colorfull...

The Cake was a two cake... fondant covered vanilla and chocolate cake painted to go with the theme, my aunt helped me with it, and she also made the mario jello. Both turned out really nice... here is a close up of the cake...

For this party I wanted a dessert table to resemble the gorgeous ones Amy Atlas does, so I decided to make one like that for the adults to enjoy and a shorter candy table for the children... For the adults dessert table I made mini panacottas, mini tres leches, mini chocolate layer cake, mini lemon pie, oreo balls, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, mini brownies, cream cheese frosting cupcakes...  I made the cupcake displays, tags and popcorn boxes... here are a few pictures

And this was the little children candy table

We had a stone pizza car and a Hot dog car, and a table with appetizers (mini capresa, mini goat cheese sandwich, veggies, etc)... also a couple of waiters serving hot appetizers (tequeños, chicken nuggets, empanadas, meatballs, etc)..

For fun we had a Wii station were 16 children could play at the same time, a huge bouncer and a couple of entertainers that painted little kids faces and played games; and to finish we had a Mario Pinata filled with lots of toys and candy. We made some Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess hats that were given to children as they arrived and entered Mario Magic World....

As the children left each got a goody bag filled with stickers, candy, and lots of stuff... for the boys Mario Bross ans the girls Princess and the Frog..

And here is my birthday Boy


And singing Happy Birthday with Mom & Dad

The End...

New Start

So where to begin??? My baby turned 5 and I noticed it´s been a long long while since I last blogged... somehow life got in the way but I need to restart writtimg... I´ve been following some amazing blogs... no scrap related but party planning and making... And I really need a place where to post my parties and the ones I help to make, and also some other ideas... so I guess this is a new beggining.

So let me post a picture o myself (my new self, because in this last 3 years, I´ve also losted almost 80 pounds)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We moved!!!

Only the english blog, now you can find us at

Please come visit me, I won´t let you down

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today my Baby Turns 2!!!

Can you believe it, times fly, and I really mean that it seems like yesterday when he was born and so small that I was afraid to take my eyes off him for more than a minute (that has improved, but I´m still afraid of not looking his way all the time, but then I have to work... ) and now he is so big, independent (sort of) and self minded... my small baby... see him here the first day he arrived to my life...

And now here, as he is today...

Big difference, huh!!! he has gronw to be such a loving kid, he´s allways hugging me and giving me kisses, he knows he melts my heart!!!
Will be posting some pictures from his birthday at school today and all the preparations for his party wich will be on Sunday the 28th.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!!

Today is my birthday, and guess how many I´m turning .......
Yes today I´m 34, I can´t believe how fast time is going, I swear I remember like yesterday when I turned 15... So today I´m pampering myself, I´ll buy any Kits that I´ve wanted and haven´t bougth before, and in the afternoon my parents and FIL and MIL will come so we can ave some cake that my DH is baking for me!!! can you believe this guy, he just woke up this morning and said he would be making a cake for me... Let hope for nt too much mess. Than you sweetie!!! Anyway I´m not making a big celebrattion or anything because on the 18th (next week that is) is my little chickie birthday, he´ll be turnig two and I´m planning this big party for him (lots of work), I´ll be telling yo about all the preparations next week. Since Christmas just passed and he received way too many toys I bought for his birthday only this...

These are so cute, I hope he enjoys them, the vehicules are the rigth size for the workshop, they justluke huge in the pictures.

Ok... only for a minute, I thought I lost this entry.... thank god not!!!
Well I´ve got to go, Lets hope this is a nice day filled with happiness!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!!!

Happy New Year everyone, hope you had a good celebration with you family, I did, we had dinner, danced, talked and waited for this whole fresh brand new year!!!! Christmas went by so fast I can´t believe it, we had great presents this year and everyone kept healthy througt all the holiday so I feel truly blessed. I just wanted to post my two last LO...


Credits HERE


Credits HERE

Today is a good day to get started with all those resolutions, my most important two are:
1. Recover my health by loosing all the extra weigth i´ve gained
2. Be moderatewit my spending, pay my debts and even save a little.

This year seem very hard for my country Venezuela, so I pray to god he would guide us to the light in the best way to survive the crazy president we have ruling our country.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And I said: "YES I DO!"

Thats what I did, when three years ago on this same day I was akked if I took Omar to be my beloved husband... And today I still DO!!! I was suppose to make a LO for our anniversary, but it just has been crazy these days, Andres was sick for the whole weekend, so I had to keep him in bed most of the time (Why is it, that he has a fever and even so he want to keep playing and jumping all day!!!)

So this weekend wich was supposed to be for last minutes gifts, wrapping and baking just turned into a 48 hour nursing shift LOL!!!!

That means, that christmas eve is just round the corner and I still have lots to do. I have to wrap all of my presents, I have still to buy presents for everybody else but Andres and my DH... I have to bake some goodies, I´ve seen so mayny good recipes over my scrabook fellows blogs, that I reaslly want to try... Hopefully I´ll take this friday off from work to get my Hair HighLigths done, and the afternoon Off to Bake... let´s see how it goes!!!
I have been otu of the blog soo long that I have lots to comment, I´ve done some great shopping for scrapbook related stuff, OHHH YES, there are some wonderfull works out there, and the Scrapartists 12 days of christmas sale!!! My oh My, just wonderfull and great discounts too!!!.
I wish I could stay longer, but I really got to go... Post some stuff soon!!!