Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And I said: "YES I DO!"

Thats what I did, when three years ago on this same day I was akked if I took Omar to be my beloved husband... And today I still DO!!! I was suppose to make a LO for our anniversary, but it just has been crazy these days, Andres was sick for the whole weekend, so I had to keep him in bed most of the time (Why is it, that he has a fever and even so he want to keep playing and jumping all day!!!)

So this weekend wich was supposed to be for last minutes gifts, wrapping and baking just turned into a 48 hour nursing shift LOL!!!!

That means, that christmas eve is just round the corner and I still have lots to do. I have to wrap all of my presents, I have still to buy presents for everybody else but Andres and my DH... I have to bake some goodies, I´ve seen so mayny good recipes over my scrabook fellows blogs, that I reaslly want to try... Hopefully I´ll take this friday off from work to get my Hair HighLigths done, and the afternoon Off to Bake... let´s see how it goes!!!
I have been otu of the blog soo long that I have lots to comment, I´ve done some great shopping for scrapbook related stuff, OHHH YES, there are some wonderfull works out there, and the Scrapartists 12 days of christmas sale!!! My oh My, just wonderfull and great discounts too!!!.
I wish I could stay longer, but I really got to go... Post some stuff soon!!!

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