Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today my Baby Turns 2!!!

Can you believe it, times fly, and I really mean that it seems like yesterday when he was born and so small that I was afraid to take my eyes off him for more than a minute (that has improved, but I´m still afraid of not looking his way all the time, but then I have to work... ) and now he is so big, independent (sort of) and self minded... my small baby... see him here the first day he arrived to my life...

And now here, as he is today...

Big difference, huh!!! he has gronw to be such a loving kid, he´s allways hugging me and giving me kisses, he knows he melts my heart!!!
Will be posting some pictures from his birthday at school today and all the preparations for his party wich will be on Sunday the 28th.

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