Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!!

Today is my birthday, and guess how many I´m turning .......
Yes today I´m 34, I can´t believe how fast time is going, I swear I remember like yesterday when I turned 15... So today I´m pampering myself, I´ll buy any Kits that I´ve wanted and haven´t bougth before, and in the afternoon my parents and FIL and MIL will come so we can ave some cake that my DH is baking for me!!! can you believe this guy, he just woke up this morning and said he would be making a cake for me... Let hope for nt too much mess. Than you sweetie!!! Anyway I´m not making a big celebrattion or anything because on the 18th (next week that is) is my little chickie birthday, he´ll be turnig two and I´m planning this big party for him (lots of work), I´ll be telling yo about all the preparations next week. Since Christmas just passed and he received way too many toys I bought for his birthday only this...

These are so cute, I hope he enjoys them, the vehicules are the rigth size for the workshop, they justluke huge in the pictures.

Ok... only for a minute, I thought I lost this entry.... thank god not!!!
Well I´ve got to go, Lets hope this is a nice day filled with happiness!!!

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